These ultra low profile cable assemblies feature Eye Speed® twinax cable and mating board level interposer to achieve 28+ Gbps high-speed performance.


  • 34 AWG twinax ribbon cable
  • 0.80 mm pitch
  • 8 or 16 pairs
  • 100 ohm signal routing
  • Choice of wiring options
  • Edge card option for end 2
  • Rugged metal cage for mating board level interposer


Samtec Cable Group Tech Center HD



0.80 mm Ultra Low Profile Z-Ray® Cable Assembly

  • 0.80 mm (.0315") pitch
  • 100 ohm differential pair signal routing
  • 34 AWG twinax ribbon cable
  • Designed for high-speed, micro pitch applications
0.80 mm Ultra Low Profile Z-Ray® Cable Assembly


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