Z-Ray® Flyover™ SI Characterization Kit

SI test platform for characterizing ZRDP 0.80 mm Pitch Ultra Low Profile Z-Ray® Cable Assembly


As a high-speed, high-density interconnect, Z-Ray® offers design flexibility for fully custom, ultra low profile arrays and high-performance cable assemblies. The Z-Ray® Flyover™ SI Characterization Kit provides system designers and SI engineers an easy-to-use solution for testing ZRDP 0.80 mm Pitch Ultra Low Profile Z-Ray® Cable Assemblies.

The Z-Ray® Flyover™ SI Characterization Kit delivers a high-quality system with robust mechanical design. It can be used standalone for ZRDP series cable assemblies. Please contact Samtec’s technical experts at KitsAndBoards@samtec.com for additional information.

Samtec Part No. REF-199665-01 Pictured


  • Two Piece PCB system with a compact form factor
  • Each PCB contains one ZCI series (ZCI-2-16-Z) ZRDP Interface and one ZCC series (ZCC-2-TH) ZRDP Cage Assembly
  • PCBs connect via one ZRDP series (ZRDP-2-16-XX.X-Z1-4-1) 0.80 mm Pitch Ultra Low Profile Z-Ray® Cable Assembly
  • Supports multiple ZRDP series cable length options
  • Routes high-speed differential pairs (12 total) from high-precision, 2.92 mm RF connectors over ZRDP Cable Assembly
  • Optimized SI performance via Samtec Final Inch® BOR PCB trace routing
  • Enable time domain measurements via direct connection to TDR/TDTs
  • Enable frequency domain measurements via direct connection to VNAs


  • Avionics
  • Dental/medical devices
  • Embedded computing
  • Handheld/radio
  • Industrial
  • Instrumentation
  • Mil/aero
  • Sensors

Ordering Information

Please see drawing REF-199665-01 for more detail.

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