28 Gbps FireFly Evaluation Kit

28 Gbps FireFly Evaluation Kit

Test platform for real-time evaluation of copper or optical FireFly Micro Flyover System at 28 Gbps


As data rates increase, trace length on PCBs decrease. Samtec’s Flyover® Technology simplifies PCB design and limits signal degradation in high data rate applications. Samtec’s FireFly Micro Flyover System offers the flexibility of using optical and copper interconnects interchangeably with the same connector system.

The 28 Gbps FireFly Evaluation Kit provides system designers, optical and SI engineers an easy-to-use solution for testing the FireFly Micro Flyover System. Rated up to 28 Gbps per lane in x4 and x12 configurations, this kit allows the designer real-time evaluation of an actively running copper or optical FireFly system in their lab.

The 28 Gbps FireFly Evaluation Kit delivers a high-quality system with robust optical, electrical and mechanical design. Please contact Samtec’s technical experts at [email protected] for additional information.

Product Brief

28Gbps FireFly™ Kit Product Brief

28 Gbps FireFly™ Evaluation Kit Product Brief

28 Gbps FireFly™ Evaluation Kit
Samtec Part No REF-209623-01 Pictured


  • Updated GUI and application software hosted via Raspberry Pi 3 and MicroSD card
  • Accessible via stand-alone executable or connection via laptop/web browser
  • Two PCB system with compact form factor
  • One FireFly™ two-piece SMT connector system (UCC8/UEC5-2 products)
  • Supports one FireFly AOC or Copper Cable Assembly available separately
  • Routes high-speed differential pairs (12 total) from UEC5-2 connector to high-precision RF connectors
  • Features optimized SI performance via Samtec Final Inch® BOR PCB trace routing
  • Optional industry-standard MTP® connector
  • Enable time domain measurements via direct connection to TDR/TDTs
  • Enable frequency domain measurements via direct connection to VNAs


  • Evaluation of FireFly Micro Flyover System
  • FPGA Emulation Systems
  • FPGA Evaluation Kits
  • FPGA Development Kits
  • Phased Radar Arrays
  • Medical Imaging
  • Test and Measurement

Ordering Information

Please see drawing REF-209623-01 for more detail.

Contact [email protected] for additional ordering information.


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