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From standard cataloged products to unique high-performance design, Samtec's solution blocks are designed to support any interconnectivity need, regardless of application, performance requirements or environment.

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Flexible Stacking
Samtec Inc. encourages its employees to live a diverse work/life balance that’s flexible and feasible to them. We promote team building among colleagues and get excited whenever we can share a post like this! A few weeks ago on June 22nd, associates from Samtec Microelectronics i...
My poetry may not be as polished as Francis Scott Key with the lyrics of the United States National Anthem. The United States is celebrating Independance Day and it seems fitting to make a reference to rockets. The VITA 90 standard is designed to be the smallest standardized form...
Since Samtec has more ways to connect two or more printed circuit boards (PCBs) than anybody else in the industry.(1) We are frequently asked if sell standoffs and spacers? The answer is yes to standoffs, and no to spacers. Is There A Difference Between A PCB Spacer And A Standof...
Samtec offers a broad and versatile lineup of high-speed board-to-board products to meet the requirements of most applications. These products support a variety designs, including backplane applications, connectors that operate in rugged environments, bleeding-edge high-speed (to...
Quality control is an important, but sometimes overlooked, element of all manufacturing. Careful inspection is not just the difference between a satisfied client and a damaged reputation. In some circumstances, lives may depend on it. Rugged and reliable inspection instrumentatio...