VITA 57.1 FMC Extender Card

VITA 57.1 FMC Extender Card

VITA 57.1-compliant FMC module increases board-to-board spacing over FPGA carrier cards.


Engineers prototyping with industry-standard FPGA evaluation and development kits often leverage the FMC interface for I/O expansion that fits their application needs. In some cases, the mating height of the standard FMC connectors may prevent fully leveraging the connectivity options of all FMC+ modules.

In response to that need, Samtec has developed the FMC Extender Card for placement between FPGA Carrier Cards and FMC Modules. This increased space can be used for additional I/O expansion during development.

The FMC Extender Card also provides a cost-effective option for extending the life of the FPGA Carrier Card HPC connectors used as test platforms.

Samtec Part No. REF-228680-01 Pictured

Product Brief

FMC Extender Card Product Brief

FMC Extender Card
Product Brief



  • High Pin Count (HPC) VITA 57.1 FMC male connector (Samtec P/N: ASP-134488-01)
  • High Pin Count (HPC) VITA 57.1 FMC female connector (Samtec P/N: ASP-134486-01)
  • Provides direct pass-through connectivity for all 400 pins from the HPC male to HPC female connectors
  • Features optimized SI performance via Samtec Final Inch® BOR PCB trace routing for HPC connectors


  • FPGA development
  • FPGA carrier card development
  • FPGA carrier card used in test platform
  • High-speed ADCs and DACs
  • Next generation RF connectivity

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Please see drawing REF-228680-01 for more detail.

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