.100" Screw Machine Socket Array

  • .100" (2.54 mm) pitch
  • Available up to 20 contact per row
  • Through-hole
  • Up to 20 rows

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Samtec’s FFSD, FFMD Series are micro-pitch, high reliability, high cycle IDC cable assemblies. TIGER EYE™ CONTACT The connector systems incorporate the Tiger Eye™ contact. Tiger Eye is a rugged contact for micro pitch interconnects; it is ideal for high reliability and high matin...
In this short video, Steve Groothuis, Chief Technology Officer for Samtec Microelectronics, explains Glass Core Technology (GCT), why it matters in advanced substrate packaging, and the solutions it provides. GCT is a proprietary process that leverages the performance benefits of...
Since we released Samtec Solutionator 2.0, our updated parametric search tool, the most requested feature from users has been the ability to export the results of the data grid. We’re happy to announce that with our most recent update, you can now export up to 1,000 rows of data ...
Interconnects for the military/aerospace industry are used in a variety of applications, including communication and navigation equipment, radar, airborne, marine and space guidance control, and electronic warfare, to name a few. While Samtec products are used in commercial appli...
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