MicroSAM® Standard Products and Support

MicroSAM® Standard Products and Support


MicroSAM® proposes a new PICMG effort to create a microcontroller-agnostic postage-stamp form factor for the enablement of smart sensors.

The new form-factor will be targeted at helping traditional sensor vendors quickly create smart sensors without having to worry about the control domain of the sensor. When combined with the PICMG sensor domain network architecture and data model, sensors will seamlessly integrate into the network with plug-and-play interoperability.

The specification will benefit the industry through:

  1. Enabling sensor vendors to create smart sensors without having to manufacture the control circuitry or software.
  2. Enabling controller suppliers who wish to create smart sensors or smart-sensor components to do so in a way that is interoperable with other suppliers.
  3. Accelerating the uptake of smart-sensor technology through open-specifications and interoperability.
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As specified in the PICMG MicroSAM® Standard, the smart sensor connector based on our T1M family features a micro-pitch of 1.00 mm (.0394”) suitable for extremely small form factors.

MicroSAM® defines three discrete wire terminals on the PCB at 4, 6, and 18-pin configurations.

microSAM close-up
MicroSAM® - Specified Connectors (T1M)
Terminal (Carrier Side)
Design Support
Samtec PN 4-pin Configuration 6-pin Configuration 18-pin Configuration Row Specification Plating:
F=3 µ" Gold
Prints 3D PADS
ASP-217716-01 x Single Row, Horizontal F PDF Print IGES
ASP-217716-02 x Single Row, Horizontal F PDF Print IGES
ASP-217716-03 x Single Row, Horizontal F PDF Print IGES

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MicroSAM® Standard

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