SNIA-TA-1002 Standard Products and Support

SNIA-TA-1002 Standard Products and Support

2C Connector and Figure 3-4, SNIA. "SFF-TA-1002"

This specification defines an unshielded, Input/Output, card edge connector and mating card interface capable of operation up to 112 GT/s PAM4. The connector has 56, 84 or 140 contacts based on bandwidth needs and is configurable for straight, right-angle, edge mount and orthogonal applications.

* The 2C Connector and Figure 3-4 images above are from SFF-TA-1002, which is the normative specification for this class of connectors. SFF-TA-1002, Protocol Agnostic Multi-Lane High Speed Connector, SNIA SFF TA TWG,

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Protocol Agnostic Multi-Lane High Speed Connector

SNIA-TA-1002 - 0.60 mm Edge Rate® High-Speed Edge Card Connector, Vertical

Offering 56 Gbps speeds and PCIe® 5.0 performance, HSEC6-DV (84 contacts) is compliant to the mechanical and electrical demands of the SNIA-TA-1002 standard. HSEC6 offers rugged Edge Rate® contacts optimized for signal integrity as well as optional weld tabs for mechanical strength.

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