Sensor Open Systems Architecture

Sensor Open Systems Architecture

SOSA™ defines an architecture and standards for modular entities for composing sensors with Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR), Electronic Warfare (EW), Radar, and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) modalities. Rather than defining an entirely new system, this Standard defines a set of logical modules that group functions, behaviors, and interfaces, which together define the logical architecture of a sensor. As a result, SOSA™ technologies can:

  • Integrate into new or existing systems using SOSA™ defined sensors.
  • Allow for greater design modularity for hardware or software in embedded systems.
  • Permit the user to reconfigure Standards such as OpenVPX™ and SAE AS6169 for use as SOSA™ sensors.
  • Facilitate rapid fielding of embedded technologies and platform reconfiguration.

SOSA Brochure

SOSA Aligned Interconnect Solutions

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While offering greater flexibility as to how a user can interface with a carrier board, SOSA™ makes extensive use of proven and next-gen mezzanine Standards. This allows for high-density data I/O transfer across the full channel, ensuring reliable signal integrity in a rugged form factor.

Current Mezzanine Standards that are featured in SOSA™ include:

  • VITA 42 – supports SOSA™ I/O Intensive Slot Profiles
  • VITA 57.1 – ideal for SOSA™ users prototyping with FPGAs
  • VITA 57.4 – next-gen speeds up to 32 Gbps for FPGA system-use or benchtop work
  • VITA 88 – next-gen mezzanine interconnects allowing for PCIe® 5.0+ speeds and footprint compatibility with VITA 42

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Small Form Factor

As the first Small Form Factor architecture of SOSA™, VITA 74 VNX is a truly modular Standard offering flexibility to integrate SOSA™ sensors in everything from a mesh-network of distributed SBCs to a traditional rackmount system.

Expanding on ANSI/VITA 74.0, SOSA™ VNX Plug-In Cards will utilize a variety of predefined combinations of high-speed, optical, and coaxial connectors. This greatly improves external I/O while allowing for integration of optical and coaxial connectivity in existing VNX systems.

SOSA™ VNX allows for:

  • Addressing the industry need for rugged, high-density solutions in spaces smaller than 3U.
  • Higher density and performance in a package about 33% the size of 3U VPX.
  • Design flexibility ranging from 1x SBC, 8x VNX Plug-In Cards to mesh topologies via cable.
  • Improved two-level maintenance at the box level; no need to replace individual Plug-In Cards.
  • Cost-effective SFF solutions based around COTS modules and connectors.

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SOSA Standards

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