As an extension of VITA 65 OpenVPX, VITA 66 enables a compatible VPX interface containing blind mate optical connectors with fixed contacts on the Plug-In Module and floating displacement on the backplane.

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VITA 66 allows for improved and diversified I/O density via fiber transceivers and cables. While transceivers can be dense and perform at a high speed, they often consume valuable board real-estate, require additional hardware, and are difficult to integrate due to an ultra-fine pitch.

Samtec compliments the VITA 66 standard by offering our cabled FireFly™ Micro Flyover System™. FireFly™ supports SWaP-C and offers more density and performance (28+ Gb/s) than optical transceivers while consuming less board space.

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Samtec's FireFly™ interconnect system gives designers a choice of using either low-cost copper cables or high performance active optical engines to meet today's data rate requirements and the next generation. The flexible design of FireFly™ allows it to act as a suitable compliment to the VITA 66 Standard above the optical transceiver.

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The Expanding Optical VPX Ecosystem

The Expanding Optical VPX Ecosystem

As 1-inch slot pitch OpenVPX systems continue to gain popularity among system designers, optical I/O has had to adapt both its size and capacity for additional cabling. VITA 66 acts as a next step in this process allowing for up to 3x cabled transceiver interfaces.

Abaco VP430 RFSoC

RFSoC on 3U VPX: the Abaco VP430 direct RF system features an RFSoC with integrated ADCs, DACs, programmable FPGA logic, and Zynq ARM Cortex processor.

abaco vp430

Abaco VP868 VPX FPGA Card

The Abaco VP868 6U FPGA Card is a high performance 6U VPX plug-in module with advanced digital signal processing capabilities. At the heart of the VP868 is a Zynq dual ARM-9 device for processing offload and board management.

The module is ideal for applications requiring both high performance processing and I/O with the ability to scale from the lab to deployed rugged environments. It supports a VPX RTM designed to connect high-speed SERDES channels from the payload module to Samtec FireFly™ optical engines. Each optical engine routes 12 RX channels and 12 TX channels to industry-standard MTP connectors in a rear bezel.

Abaco VP868 VPX FPGA Card

Pentek Flexor 5973

The Pentek Flexor 5973 incorporates the VITA 66.4 optical interconnect standard for OpenVPX, which delivers 12 optical duplex lanes to a backplane, or for other board-to board, high-data-rate connections. The board employs one 12-channel FireFly™ Tx module and one 12 channel FireFly™ Rx module. The optical fibers from these modules route over the top of the board and join at the board's MT ferrule at the VPX P2 location. Each optical FireFly™ channel operates at data rates to 14 Gbps for an aggregate system data rate of 336 Gbps through the optical interconnect.

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VITA 66 Standard

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