SI Evaluation Kits: Board-to-Board

SI Evaluation Kits: Board-to-Board

Samtec offers the industry’s largest variety of board-to-board connectors. Popular options include high-speed mezzanine, edge card and backplane systems and high-density array systems. Samtec Board-to-Board SI Evaluation Kits provide system designers and SI engineers easy-to-use platforms for testing many of Samtec’s popular board-to-board connector products.

Each kit includes the evaluation platform, calibration board(s), technical documentation and test reports. Additionally, each kit is tested and verified by Samtec’s signal integrity experts before customer delivery.

SI Evaluation Kits: Board-to-Board

Kit Name Description
AcceleRate® HD SI Evaluation Kit (REF-212056-X.XX-XXX)  

SI test platform for evaluating 0.635 mm pitch AcceleRate® HD high-density four row strips.

ADX6 SI Evaluation Kit
ExaMAX® Backplane SI Evaluation Kits (REF-205463-01)
ExaMAX® SI Backplane (REF-200839-01)
ExaMAX® SI Linecard (REF-200840-01)

This SI test platform routes eight, high-precision differential pairs over a backplane using ExaMAX® connectors in a 4x10 configuration. It supports configurable backplane trace lengths via user-selected paddleboard placement.

examax board
HSEC6-DV SI Evaluation Kit

SI test platform for evaluating 0.60 mm Edge Rate® vertical high-speed edge card connectors.

HSEC6-DV SI Evaluation Kit
HSEC8-DP SI Evaluation Kit

SI test platform for evaluating 0.80 mm pitch Edge Rate® differential pair high-speed edge card connectors.

HSEC8-DP SI Evaluation Kit (REF-210637-X.XX-XX)
LP Array SI Evaluation Kit (REF-200470-X.XX-X.XX-01)  

The LP Array SI Evaluation Kit routes twenty high-precision differential pairs in an LPAM / LPAF Products mated connector pair with user-selected stack heights and RF connector options.

lp array kit
NovaRay® SI Evaluation Kit (REF-212761-X.XX-XX)  

SI test platform for evaluating 0.80 mm pitch NovaRay® extreme density and performance connectors.

NovaRay SI Evaluation Kit
SEARAY™ SI Evaluation Kit (REF-219213-X.XX-01)  

SI test platform for evaluating SEARAY™ high-density open-pin-field arrays.

SEARAY SI Evaluation Kit
UEC5-2 SI Evaluation Kit (REF-209372-X.XX-XX)  

SI test platform for evaluating 20+ Gbps FireFly™ edge card socket assembly.

UEC5-2 SI Evaluation Kit
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