Customer-Dedicated RF/SI Support

for Broadcast Video Solutions

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Samtec, Inc. recognized as the service leader in the connector industry, has a broad line of interconnect solutions to meet the increasing demands of broadcast video. We offer the largest variety of 75 Ohm, 12G-SDI solutions, as well as high-performance connectors and Flyover® cables capable of 112 Gbps PAM4 per channel. Samtec’s RF Group provides RF and SI support to solve system challenges specific to the broadcast video ecosystem, which includes the existing SDI infrastructure and the emerging video-over-IP, to carry high-capacity 4K digital transmissions.

Interconnects for Broadcast Video

NAB Video

Exclusive, 75 Ohm BNC Solutions

  • Balanced weight distribution

  • Enhanced surface area for pick-and-place vacuum sealing

  • 12G-SDI optimized performance

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Variety of 12G-SDI Products

  • Meet rigid return loss requirements of 12 GHz

  • BNC, HD-BNC™, DIN 1.0/2.3, and cable assemblies

  • Orientation and PCB termination options

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system optimization aid

High-Performance Interconnects

  • Cable assemblies for panel, mid-board and backplane

  • Board-to-board connectors for edge card, mezzanine and backplane

  • Performance up to 112 Gbps PAM4 per channel

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NAB Video
NAB Video

Unmatched Service

  • PCB launch optimization

  • Application-specific design support

  • Modeling, simulation and physical measurement verification

An example of this is demonstrated in the video. A launch optimized by our RF/SI experts versus non-optimized launch is clearly compared from ~2:30-3:00. Throughout the video you will see Samtec 12G-SDI RF connectors easily pass the SMPTE ST-2082-1 requirements.


Can a 12G-SDI Signal be Transmitted Through 12 Cable-to-Board Terminations?

NAB Video

Chris Shelly, Samtec’s RF/SI Modeling Engineer, walks us through a live 12G-SDI transmission line demonstration. A Phabrix QX is generating a 12G-SDI signal, through two Samtec right-angle BNC connectors, and back into the Phabrix QX for analysis, with excellent results.

Chris then daisy chains 12 RF connector pairs, including ten right angle connector pairs. As expected there is some drop in the peak voltage for the eye pattern and some increased jitter, but it’s still wide-open, and the received test pattern is shown to be unaffected.

With PCB terminated RF connectors, the design of the launch (the transition from the connector to the trace on the board) is critical to the ultimate performance of the RF connection. Samtec offers custom launch design services to assure the best possible performance of our RF PCB connectors.


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samtec technology centers

High-Performance System Design & Support from Silicon-to-Silicon™

system optimization sig


Full channel signal and power integrity analysis, testing and validation services
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system optimization sog


R&D, design, development and support of micro optical engines and assemblies
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system optimization aid


High precision stamping, plating, molding and automated assembly
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system optimization sme


Advanced IC packaging design, support and manufacturing capabilities
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In-house R&D and manufacturing of precision extruded cable and assemblies
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system optimization rf


RF interconnect design and development expertise, with testing to 70 GHz
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