System Optimization

Silicon-to-Silicon™ System Optimization capabilities assist designers in optimizing the high-speed serial path from bare die, to IC package and assembly, to PCB, to connectors and cable assemblies, and back again. These capabilities include:

  • Assisting IC layout designers to optimize power and signal integrity of the bare die during the IC design process
  • Developing complex, customized IC packaging and assembly solutions enabling maximum IC density, precision and ruggedness
  • Enabling PCB designers to create denser, faster PCBs by providing factory and field-based technical support to ensure signal chain optimization
  • Providing the products, tools, design expertise and consulting services to link high-speed signal chains between PCBs and through backplanes
  • Engineer industry standard and customized copper and optical cable assemblies at data rates up to 28Gbps and beyond
  • IC Packaging
  • Advanced package design and assembly capabilities along with the ability to assist in choosing the best technology and materials for an application, helping to save valuable design and engineering time.

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  • Mid-Board & Panel Optics
  • Patented signal integrity-optimized optical systems designed to ensure maximum density at minimum cost, while offering a path to 56 Gbps.

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    + Panel Optics

  • High-Speed Backplane
  • High-performance backplane systems designed to optimize density and minimize board layer count, while offering an easy migration path to 56 Gbps performance.

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  • Twinax Flyover
  • Ultra high-performance cable systems engineered to extend signal reach and performance by routing high-speed signals via ultra low skew twinax cable rather than through the PCB.

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  • High-Speed Mezzanine
  • High-density, low profile systems designed to optimize signal integrity in high-performance board-to-board, IC-to-board and cable-to-board applications.

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Every year Samtec releases a new catalog showcasing our full line of products. The latest F-217 Full Line Catalog features new products and technology that enable us to provide overall system optimization from Silicon-to-Silicon. The combination of Samtec’s ultra fast, ultra dens...
The growth in high-speed serial channel data rates has no end in sight.  28 Gbps design starts abound across the industry.  56 Gbps PAM-4 solutions are coming down the road, whether silicon, interconnect or high-speed copper and optical cables. On the optical front, the front-pan...
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