Samtec VITA 88 XMC+ Solutions

VITA 88 XMC+ specifies SEARAY™ high-speed, high-density connectors for improved channel performance – PCIe® 5.0 and 100 GbE. VITA 88 is an alternative to VITA 42.0 and VITA 61.0 for rugged embedded systems using the same footprint and XMC geometry. SEARAY™ 1.27 mm pitch mezzanine connectors feature solder charge technology compliant to IPC Class 3, a blade and bean contact system with mating cycles to 1,000 and a rugged body design. Consistent PCIe® signal integrity performance is maintained across the variety of stack heights – 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm and 18 mm. For more Samtec VITA 88 VNX+ information, visit