Webinar: Quantifying Glass Induced Skew on Printed Circuit Boards

Presented by: Brandon Gore So, for your ultra-high speed PCB design, you have chosen the best options available to you: a top end PCB material, a mechanically spread glass weave, layers with multiple ply and high resin content. How much skew can you expect? Are there other mitigation techniques? In this Samtec gEEk® spEEk webinar, we share results from our measurement based skew platform, and offer skew mitigation techniques we use on our signaling evaluation platforms. Brandon Gore, PhD, is a senior staff engineer at Samtec and currently manages the R&D team within the Signal Integrity Group. He also participates in OIF-CEI-112G and IEEE P802.3ck Standards development projects. He received his doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Carolina in 2018. Prior to 2016, he spent 11 years at Intel Corporation within the Enterprise Packaging and Interconnect group for high speed signal integrity where his primary responsibilities were Ethernet and Fabric applications from CPU, FPGA, and Chipsets.