Webinar: Resonances, Modes and Cutoff Frequencies

Presented by: Kelly Garrison An introduction to non-TEM problems in SI design, or how knowing a little bit about waveguide will help with high frequency design. Several case studies will show the ways that a designer can be caught unawares both in simulation and in hardware, and how resonances can occur in structures you didn’t think could resonate. We’ll also cover the reason why connectors and cables are forced to get smaller and smaller as frequency increases, and an argument for escaping from TEM and embracing waveguide. Kelly Garrison has been a Signal Integrity engineer for 2 years at Samtec, working on Precision RF connectors, Glasscore, and Waveguide. He brings another 10 years of experience from the RF Test and Measurement industry, where he specialized in passive microwave component design. If you so much as think about filters, baluns, or waveguide, he will send you a Zoom link so you can talk about it. Kelly graduated from Portland State University with degrees in Electrical Engineering, Physics, and strangely, a minor in Russian, and still lives in the Portland area. He spends his days off fixing things that his four sons have broken and dreaming about the day when they’ll help him fix things that he’s broken.