Coplanar Right-Angle

1-4 row designs • Surface mount, through-hole or mixed technology • Tiger Claw™ & Tiger Beam™ contacts

Coplanar right angle terminals and sockets in a variety of different pitches.

0.50 mm (.0197") Pitch Systems

0.50 mm (.0197") Pitch Terminals and Sockets

0.50 mm pitch terminals and sockets (.0315"), flexible stacking connectors available in a variety of contact systems, position counts, and low profile styles.

E.L.P.™ High Mating Cycle Connectors

E.L.P.™ High Mating Cycle Connectors

These high mating cycle connectors are tested to rigorous standards which evaluate contact resistance in simulated storage and field conditions.

  • Passed 10 year Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG)

  • High-mating cycles (250 to 2,500)

  • Variety of high-reliability, rugged contact systems

  • Various connector types and pitches available

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