Standard Profile

Choice of contact system • Single, double & triple row designs • Largest variety

Flexible stacking standard profile board-to-board terminal strips and connectors for low profile, elevated, pass-through, and rugged applications on .100" (2.54 mm) and 2.00 mm pitch.

1.00 mm (.0394") Pitch Systems

1mm Pitch Square Post Terminals and Sockets (.0394")

1mm pitch square post terminals and sockets (.0394"), flexible stacking, and available in a variety of contact systems, position counts, and low profile styles.

.100" (2.54 mm) Pitch Socket Strips

.100" pitch socket strips, 2.54 mm square post socket strips, with contact and design flexibility.

.100" pitch socket strips, 2.54 mm square post socket strips, with contact and design flexibility.

.100" (2.54 mm) Pitch Terminal Strips

.100" (2.54 mm) Pitch Square Post Terminal Strips

.100" pitch socket strips, 2.54 mm square post terminal strips, with contact and design flexibility.

Precision Screw Machined Strips

Precision Screw Machined Strips

.100” (2.54 mm) pitch screw machine terminal strips and socket strips in low profile and elevated designs, with multi-finger BeCu contacts and precision machined shell for ultimate high reliability.

  • Multi-finger BeCu contacts

  • Precision machined shells

  • Ultimate in high reliability

  • Low profile to elevated board spacings

  • Single and double row

  • Wide variety of socket tail and terminal designs

Precision Screw Machined Strips

Shunts and Jumpers

Terminal Shunts, Terminal Jumpers & Hardware

Samtec offers a variety of hardware for connector support, including single or ganged terminal shunts, terminal jumpers, and precision standoffs for mating assistance, compression alignment hardware, and guidance modules for increased reliability.

E.L.P.™ High Mating Cycle Connectors

E.L.P.™ High Mating Cycle Connectors

These high mating cycle connectors are tested to rigorous standards which evaluate contact resistance in simulated storage and field conditions.

  • Passed 10 year Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG)

  • High-mating cycles (250 to 2,500)

  • Variety of high-reliability, rugged contact systems

  • Various connector types and pitches available

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Micro Pitch One-Piece

Micro Pitch One-Piece

1.00 mm and .050" pitch one-piece interfaces for rugged and power applications.

  • For high-shock, vibration, rugged applications

  • Elevated and low profiles from 3 mm to 10 mm

  • Optional screw mounts and alignment pins

  • Single and double row designs

Micro Pitch One-Piece

More Flexible Stacking