Intelligent automation continues to change the way processes and information are managed, driving advancements like machine learning, sensors, and computing power to fuel integration.

Samtec's high-performance and rugged solutions combined with exceptional Sudden Service® support the spectrum of industrial applications producing unprecedented efficiency and quality in the market today.


Samtec offers a wide variety of solutions for any type of industrial applications.


Choose from some of Samtec’s most popular products for Industrial Applications

Rugged Tiger Eye™ SystemsRugged, High-Speed, High Reliability Connector, Tiger Eye™ Systems

This rugged, high cycle, high reliability connector system features Samtec's Tiger Eye™ contact system.

  • High-reliability Tiger Eye™ three-finger BeCu contact system
  • Optional locking and latching systems for higher withdrawal force
  • Extended Life Product™ testing available
  • Standard and cost-saving designs
  • SFM
  • TFM
  • SEM
  • SEML
  • TEM
  • SMM
  • TMM
  • SFC
  • SFMC
  • SFML
  • TFML
  • SFMH
  • TFC
  • S2M
  • T2M
  • FSH
  • SEMS
  • TEMS
  • FOLC
  • MOLC
Rugged Tiger Eye™ Systems

URSA™ I/OURSA™ I/O Ultra Rugged Power Cable System

URSA™ I/O features a hyperboloid-type contact for extreme reliability and high mating cycles in ultra rugged applications with EMI protection.

  • Four points of contact for an extremely reliable connection
  • Hyperboloid-type contact for extreme high mating cycles
  • Micro 1.00 mm pitch in double row space saving design
  • Extreme density with up to 1,450 total I/Os in a 1RU panel (29 cables at 50 total I/Os each)
  • Cable-to-cable and cable-to-board solutions
  • EMI shielding to limit signal degradation and optimize performance
  • B1SD
  • B1SDT
  • P1PD
  • P1PDT
  • P1M
  • IBT1
  • B1SDS
  • CC508
  • IPP1
  • P1PDS
  • TC145

AcceleRate® mPAcceleRate® mP High-Density, High-Speed Power/Signal Arrays

These 0.635 mm pitch power/signal arrays achieve 64 Gbps PAM4 speeds and feature rotated power blades for 22 Amps/blade and simplified breakout region (BOR). View the full line of AcceleRate® products.

  • Best in class density for power and signal
  • Power blades rotated 90º gives equal access to heat escape for uniform cooling, increased current capacity and reduced crowding
  • Supports 64 Gbps PAM4 (32 Gbps NRZ) applications
  • PCIe® 6.0/CXL® 3.1 capable
  • Up to 22 Amps per power blade
  • Open-pin-field for grounding and routing flexibility
  • High-density multi-row design
  • Low profile 5 mm stack height; up to 16 mm in development
  • 4 or 8 total power blades; up to 10 in development
  • 60 or 240 total signal positions; additional position counts in development
  • 0.635 mm signal pitch
  • Optional alignment pins and weld tabs for a secure connection to the board
  • Polarized guide posts for blind mating
  • View the full line of AcceleRate® products
  • UDF6
  • UDM6
AcceleRate® mP

Micro Blade & BeamMicro Blade & Beam Ultra Fine Pitch Connectors

0.40 mm and 0.50 mm pitch Micro Blade & Beam ultra slim, ultra low profile connectors.

  • Ultra fine pitch – 0.40 mm and 0.50 mm
  • Ultra low stack down to 2.00 mm
  • Slim body design for increased board space savings
  • ST4
  • SS4
  • SS5
  • ST5
  • SLH
  • TLH
Micro Blade & Beam

Flyover® Cable Technology Flyover® Cable Technology

Flyover® Twinax Cable Assemblies

  • Achieve next gen speeds by routing signals via ultra low skew twinax cable versus through lossy PCB
  • Cost-effective, high-performance and heat efficient answer to the challenges of 56 Gbps bandwidths and beyond
  • Ideal for 28 – 112+ Gbps applications
  • Features Samtec’s proprietary co-extruded Eye Speed® twinax cable technology
  • Simplifies board layout, extends signal reach and density
  • Thermal improvement versus a standard network switch
Twinax Family

Precision RF Precision RF

Microwave/Millimeter Wave Cable Assemblies & Connectors

  • High-frequency, microwave/millimeter wave solutions to 110 GHz
  • Cable assemblies, cable connectors and board level connectors
  • Variety of interfaces: 1.00 mm, 1.35 mm, 1.85 mm, 2.40 mm, 2.92 mm, 3.50 mm, SSMA, SMP, SMPM, ganged SMPM, SMA, N Type, TNCA
  • Magnum RF™ ganged SMPM for 40% greater density, less processing time and better positional alignment
  • Low-loss microwave and millimeter wave cable from .047" to .277"
  • Vertical or edge launch solderless compression mount board connectors for test and measurement applications
  • Soldered push-on board connectors for high-density, blind-mate applications
  • Between-series and in-series adaptors designed for well-performing VSWR
Precision RF Family

AcceleRate® MiniAcceleRate® Mini Extreme Performance, Mini Form Factor Cable System

AcceleRate® Mini Flyover® system delivers 112 Gbps PAM4 performance in an incredibly small form factor via Eye Speed® Thinax™ ultra performance twinax cable.

  • 112 Gbps PAM4 performance
  • Eye Speed® 34 AWG, 92 Ω Thinax™ ultra performance twinax cable
  • One or two differential pairs
  • Vertical and right-angle mating board connector
  • Design flexibility as an End 2 option for Flyover® assemblies
  • Friction retention latching for a secure connection
  • Standard alignment pins
  • View the full line of AcceleRate® products
  • ARM6
  • AMF6
AcceleRate® Mini

Testing and Certifications

Samtec’s products are tested to or beyond industry standards to ensure quality and performance in industrial applications.

extended life
severe environment tested


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