Ultra Rugged Solutions


Samtec’s ultra rugged solutions provide reliability and flexibility in small form factors for extreme/harsh environments. From rugged I/O cable assemblies, sealed and compact optics and VITA 90 VNX+ modules to ultra rugged hardware and high-temp coatings, these solutions are ideal for military, aerospace, submersible and other harsh environment applications.

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Severe Environment Testing (SET) supports Ultra Rugged Solutions with additional testing beyond typical industry standards for performance confidence in rugged and harsh environments. For design flexibility and cost optimization, SET qualified products are Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) and modified COTS to get solutions to market faster.

For more about SET and other Samtec testing like Extended Life Product™ and Design Qualification Testing, please visit samtec.com/SET

Ultra Rugged Solutions Brochure

Ultra Rugged Solutions eBrochure

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NovaRay® I/O Panel Mount Cable System

NovaRay® I/O 112 Gbps PAM4 Panel Mount Cable System

NovaRay® I/O uses Flyover® cable technology to route up to 3,584 Gbps PAM4 aggregate data from the IC package to the panel and beyond, and is available in a rugged 38999 shell.

  • Highest aggregate data rate on the market - 3,584 Gbps PAM4

  • 16 & 32 diff pair configurations; accommodates PCIe® x4 or x8 plus sidebands

  • Cable-to-cable bulkhead panel connection using Flyover® cable technology

  • Available in a threaded cable-to-panel design with a rugged 38999 shell for salt fog resistance to 48 hours and an IP67 sealed option (NVA3E/NVA3P)

  • Full external EMI shielding

  • External Cable: 28 or 34 AWG twinax

  • Internal Cable: 34 AWG twinax

  • Single-Ended coax options also available

  • Multiple end 2 high-speed connector options available for your ASIC-adjacent Flyover® interconnect

NovaRay I/O Panel Mount Cable System

FireFly™ Optical Transceivers

FireFly™ Optical Transceivers

Samtec's FireFly™ Micro Flyover System™ embedded and rugged optical transceivers take data connection "off board" for up to 28 Gbps per lane with a path to 112 Gbps PAM4 via optical cable at greater distances, or copper for cost optimization.

VITA 90 VNX+ Industry Standard Products

VITA 90.0 VNX+ Standard Products and Support

The VITA 90 VNX+ standard relies on the proven performance of the original VITA 74 VNX SEARAY™ connector from Samtec delivering size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) benefits for small form factor (SFF) applications.

  • RF backplane system to support 110 GHz with high-density size 20 contacts; size 16 on roadmap

  • Rugged bline mate solution

  • Configured with SEARAY™ right-angle array and rugged optics

  • SWaP-C reductions make this ideal for military and aerospace applications

  • COTS or modified COTS solution for cost and time flexibility

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Standoffs, Guide Posts & Ultra Rugged Hardware

Standoffs, Guide Posts & Ultra Rugged Hardware

Samtec offers a variety of SureWare™ hardware for connector support, including precision standoffs, compression alignment hardware, and guidance modules to assist with mating and help ensure a reliable connection.

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