Edge Card Twinax High-Speed Cable Assemblies

These high-speed cable assemblies feature standard or equalized twinax cable for optimized performance.


  • 100 ohm differential pair signal routing
  • Equalized option increases usable cable length and data rate



0.80 mm Edge Rate® Edge Card Twinax Cable Assembly

  • 30 AWG Eye Speed® twinax cable
  • 0.80 mm (.0315") pitch
  • 100 ohm differential pair signal routing
  • Mates with Edge Rate® edge card socket
  • Available with or without housing for cost savings
  • Standard metal latching system or board locks
0.80 mm Edge Rate® Edge Card Twinax Cable Assembly


0.80 mm Edge Rate® High-Speed Edge Card Connector, Vertical

  • Rugged Edge Rate® contact
  • Single-ended and differential pairs
  • Card slot: .062" (1.60 mm)
  • Pass-through option available (HSEC8-PE)
  • Optional board locks and cable latching features
  • Optional weld tab for mechanical strength
  • Samtec 28+ Gbps Solution
  • Extended Life Product™ (E.L.P.™)
0.80 mm Edge Rate® High-Speed Edge Card Connector, Vertical

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