Samtec offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance interconnect solutions for semiconductor and computing applications, including artificial intelligence/machine learning; prototype, development, and evaluation; semiconductor manufacturing; quantum computing; and high-performance computing/supercomputing.

Samtec's world-renowned team of technical experts, its suite of online design tools, and world-class Sudden Service® are available to support any computer and semiconductor application, from design to production.


Samtec offers a wide variety of solutions for any type of computer and semiconductor applications.


Choose from some of Samtec's most popular products for Computer & Semiconductor Applications

AcceleRate® HP High-Performance ArraysAcceleRate® HP High-Performance Arrays

AcceleRate® HP 0.635 mm pitch arrays feature 112 Gbps PAM4 extreme performance and a flexible open-pin-field design. View the full line of AcceleRate® products.

  • 0.635 mm pitch open-pin-field array
  • 56 Gbps NRZ/112 Gbps PAM4 performance
  • Cost optimized solution
  • Low-profile 5 mm and up to 10 mm stack heights
  • Up to 400 total pins available; roadmap to 1,000+ pins
  • Data rate compatible with PCIe® 6.0/CXL® 3.1 and 100 GbE
  • Analog Over Array™ capable
  • View the full line of AcceleRate® products
  • APM6
  • APF6
  • APF6-RA
  • GPSO
  • GPSK
  • GPPK
AcceleRate® HP High-Performance Arrays

Bulls Eye®Bulls Eye® RF High-Performance Test to 90 GHz

Bulls Eye® high-performance test assembly features a high-density space saving design that enables smaller evaluation boards and shorter trace lengths in test and measurement applications. The Bulls Eye® block compression mounts to the board for placement directly adjacent to the SerDes being characterized. The solderless design improves overall cost and is easy to use within a lab setting.

  • 90 GHz, 70 GHz, 50 GHz and 40 GHz test assemblies
  • Compression mounts to the board for placement directly adjacent to the SerDes being characterized
  • Solderless design improves cost
  • Easy to use within a lab setting
  • Microstrip/CPW or Stripline PCB transmission
  • End 2 connection to instrumentation: 1.00 mm, 1.85 mm, 2.40 mm or 2.92 mm
  • High-density, space-saving design
  • Single or double row
  • Test boards available for performance verification
  • RF Group: dedicated RF engineers provide personal support for meeting specific RF challenges
  • BE90A
  • BE70A
  • BE40A
Bulls Eye®

NovaRay®NovaRay® 112 Gbps PAM4 Array, Extreme Density Arrays

NovaRay® combines extreme density and performance for this 112 Gbps PAM4 array per channel in 40% less space than traditional arrays.

  • 112 Gbps PAM4 per channel
  • 4.0 Tbps aggregate data rate - 9 IEEE 400G channels
  • PCIe® 6.0/CXL® 3.1 capable
  • Innovative, fully shielded differential pair design enables extremely low crosstalk (beyond 40 GHz) and tight impedance control
  • Two points of contact ensure a more reliable connection
  • 92 Ω solution addresses both 85 Ω and 100 Ω applications
  • Analog Over Array™ capable
  • NVAM
  • NVAF
  • GPSO
  • NVAC
  • NVBF

ExaMAX®ExaMAX® High-Speed Backplane System

ExaMAX® high-speed backplane interconnects deliver 64 Gbps PAM4 (32 Gbps NRZ) electrical performance.

  • Enables 64 Gbps PAM4 (32 Gbps NRZ) electrical performance on 2.00 mm column pitch
  • PCIe® 6.0/CXL® 3.1 capable
  • Allows designers to optimize density or minimize board layer count
  • Two reliable points of contact, even when subjected to angled mating
  • Meets Telcordia GR-1217 CORE specification
  • Individual signal wafers with staggered differential pair design; 24 - 72 pairs (board connectors) and 16 - 96 pairs (cable assemblies)
  • One-piece embossed ground structure on each signal wafer to reduce crosstalk
  • Lowest mating force on the market: 0.36 N max per contact
  • Backplane cable assemblies improve signal integrity and increase signal path length at higher data rates
  • Samtec’s Eye Speed® ultra low skew twinax cable provides increased flexibility and routability
  • Stub free mating
  • Press-fit termination
  • Power and Guide Modules available
  • EBTM
  • EBCM
  • EBCF
  • EGBM
  • EGBF
  • EPTT
  • EPTS
  • EBCL
  • EBCB

SEARAY™SEARAY™ High Density Open Pin Field Arrays

These high-speed, high-density open pin field arrays allow maximum grounding and routing flexibility.

  • Maximum routing and grounding flexibility
  • Lower insertion/extraction forces vs. typical array products
  • 56 Gbps PAM4 performance
  • Up to 560 I/Os in open pin field design
  • 1.27 mm (.050") pitch
  • Rugged Edge Rate® contact system
  • Can be "zippered" during mating/unmating
  • Solder charge terminations for ease of processing
  • Meets Extended Life Product™ (E.L.P.™) standards
  • Analog Over Array™ capable
  • 7 - 18.5 mm stack heights
  • Vertical, right-angle, press-fit
  • Elevated systems to 40 mm
  • 85 ohm systems
  • Standards: VITA 47, VITA 57.1 FMC, VITA 57.4 FMC+, VITA 74 VNX, PISMO™ 2
  • IPC J-STD-001F, requirements for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies – meets class 3 acceptability criteria for high-performance/harsh environment electronic products (SEAM/SEAF series only)
  • IPC-A-610F, acceptability of electronic assemblies – meets class 3 acceptability criteria for high-performance/harsh environment electronic products (SEAM/SEAF series only)
  • SEAF
  • SEAM
  • SEAR
  • JSO
  • GPPK
  • GPSK

Precision RF Precision RF

Microwave/Millimeter Wave Cable Assemblies & Connectors

  • High-frequency, microwave/millimeter wave solutions to 110 GHz
  • Cable assemblies, cable connectors and board level connectors
  • Variety of interfaces: 1.00 mm, 1.35 mm, 1.85 mm, 2.40 mm, 2.92 mm, 3.50 mm, SSMA, SMP, SMPM, ganged SMPM, SMA, N Type, TNCA
  • Magnum RF™ ganged SMPM for 40% greater density, less processing time and better positional alignment
  • Low-loss microwave and millimeter wave cable from .047" to .277"
  • Vertical or edge launch solderless compression mount board connectors for test and measurement applications
  • Soldered push-on board connectors for high-density, blind-mate applications
  • Between-series and in-series adaptors designed for well-performing VSWR
Precision RF Family

XCede® HDXCede® HD High-Density Backplane System

Small form factor high-density backplane system ideal for density-critical applications, with a modular design and optional features for flexibility and customizable solutions.

  • Small form factor provides significant space savings
  • Modular design provides flexibility in applications
  • High-performance system
  • High-density backplane system – up to 84 differential pairs per linear inch
  • 1.80 mm column pitch
  • 3-, 4- and 6-pair designs
  • 4, 6 or 8 columns
  • 12 - 48 pairs
  • Multiple signal/ground pin staging options
  • Integrated power, guidance, keying and side walls available
  • 85 Ω and 100 Ω options
  • Three levels of sequencing enable hot plugging
  • Cost-effective designs available for low-speed applications
  • HDTF
  • HDTM
  • BSP
  • HPTS
  • HPTT
XCede® HD

Firefly™ Micro Flyover System™Micro Flyover On-Board Optical Engine, FireFly™

Future-proof system with interchangeability of FireFly™ copper and optical using the same micro mxc connector system for up to 28 Gbps per lane.

  • High-speed performance to 28 Gbps per lane
  • x4 and x12 designs
  • Variety of integral heat sink and End 2 options
  • Interchangeability of copper and optical
  • Micro rugged two-piece connector
  • Extended temperature and PCIe®-Over-Fiber solutions
  • ECUO
  • PCUO
  • ETUO
  • ETMO
  • PTUO
  • ECUE
  • PCUE
  • UEC5-1
  • UEC5-2
  • UCC8
  • PCOA
Firefly™ Micro Flyover System™

Testing and Certifications

Samtec's products are tested to or beyond industry standards to ensure quality and performance in computer and semiconductor applications.

extended life
severe environment tested


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