Application Tooling

Application Tooling

We offer a variety of tooling to help you assemble and install/extract Samtec interconnects. For cable assembly components, options range from simple hand tools ideal for lower volume projects to applicators that can be used in bench top and automatic presses for larger volumes.

Hand Tools

Discrete Wire



  • RF Crimp Hand Tool
    • Scissor action handle
    • Shipped as components, or as a kit containing the handle and both crimp heads
    • Modular heas
    • Ideal for low volume, pre-production, and repair applications
    Crimp Dimensions Hand Tool Part Number Instruction Price Buy
    RF Tool Frame & Die Inserts (2) CAT-RF-FER-01 STS-M-FER-01
    RF Tool Frame CAT-RF-FER-800 STS-M-FER-01
    Die Insert - Set 1 .197" (5.00 mm)
    .178" (4.52 mm)
    .128" (3.25 mm)
    .105" (2.67 mm)
    .042" (1.07 mm)
    CAT-RF-FER-801 STS-M-FER-01
    Die Insert - Set 2 .324" (8.23 mm)
    .278" (7.06 mm)
    .213" (5.41 mm)
    CAT-RF-FER-802 STS-M-FER-01

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  • RF Torque Wrench
    Dimensions Torque Use For Hand Tool Part Number Instruction Sheet Price Buy
    5/16" 8 lb-in Stainless Steel SMA, 2.92 mm, 2.40 mm,
    1.85 mm, 1.35 mm
    5/16" 4 lb-in Brass SMA CAT-RF-TRQ-02 STS-M-RF-TRQ-01
    6 mm 4 lb-in 1.00 mm CAT-RF-TRQ-03 STS-M-RF-TRQ-01
    9/16" 20 lb-in TNC, TNCA CAT-RF-TRQ-04 STS-M-RF-TRQ-01
    3/4" 20 lb-in N Type CAT-RF-TRQ-05 STS-M-RF-TRQ-01
  • RF Hand Torque Tool
    Use For Part Number Hand Tool Part Number Description Price Buy
    135 CAT-RF-CMM-001 Hand Torque Tool for 1.35 mm Compression Mount
    185, 240, 292 CAT-RF-CMM-002 Hand Torque Tool for 1.85 mm, 2.40 mm, 2.92 mm Compression Mount



AccliMate™ Fixtures

Direct Connect Cable Tool

ExaMAX® Tools

EXTreme LPHPower™ Application Tool

FireFly™ Insertion Tool

Flex Stacking Tools

Flyover® QSFP Tools

RF Tools


XCede® HD Tools

Bench Top

CAT-MC Mini Applicator

  • Ideal for use in semi-automatic terminating units
  • Quick-change dies matched to specific terminals
  • Compatible with industry standard equipment
  • Precision adjust standard
  • Wire ranges 10-32 AWG
Mini Applicator Part Number Detail
TR = 30mm stroke length, with pre-feed terminal loading.
FR = 40mm stroke length, with pre-feed terminal loading.
FS = 40mm stroke length, with post-feed terminal loading.
Pre-Feed = feeds terminal into position during upstroke. Ideal for manual wire placement and most automated operations.
Post-Feed = feeds terminal into position during downstroke. Challenging for manual wire placement but helpful in some automated operations.

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Bench Top Press

Samtec recommends these presses for use with its components
  • Mecal by Starn (model TT)
  • Artos (model TU-14)
  • Schleuniger (model UC-200)
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