50 GHz Bulls Eye® SI Evaluation Kit

50 GHz Bulls Eye® SI Evaluation Kit

SI test platform for evaluating Samtec's BE40A 50 GHz, Bulls Eye® double row, high-performance test system.


The high-density array designs and advanced cabling solutions within Samtec’s Bulls Eye® product family enable optimized performance. Compression interface, small footprint and high cycle count make Bulls Eye® ideal for high-performance test applications. The 50 GHz Bulls Eye® SI Evaluation Kit provides system designers, RF engineers and SI engineers an easy-to-use solution for testing the 50 GHz, Bulls Eye® Double Row, High-Performance Test System.

The 50 GHz Bulls Eye® SI Evaluation Kit delivers a high-quality system with robust mechanical design. Please contact Samtec’s technical experts at KitsAndBoards@samtec.com or RFGroup@samtec.com for additional information..

50 GHz Bulls Eye® SI Evaluation Kit
Samtec Part No REF-213497-01 Pictured


  • Single PCB system with compact form factor
  • Each PCB contains one compression interface that provides easy mating and eliminates soldering
  • Kit comes with one BE40A product (BE40A-X-XXXX-X-2-04-XXXX) Bulls Eye® cable assembly
  • Routes high-frequency referential signals (8 total) from BE40A product to high-precision RF connectors
  • Supports multiple high-precision RF connector options (2.40 mm/2.92 mm SMAs)
  • Optimized SI performance via Samtec Final Inch® BOR PCB trace routing
  • Enable time domain measurements via direct connection to TDR/TDTs
  • Enable frequency domain measurements via direct connection to VNAs


  • IC Characterization Kits
  • FPGA Evaluation Kits
  • FPGA Development Kits

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Please see drawing REF-213497-01 for more detail.

Contact KitsAndBoards@Samtec.com for additional ordering information.


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