Ultra Micro Interconnects

Ultra Micro Interconnects
Space Saving Designs • Hermaphroditic • High-Density

Samtec's ultra micro interconnects feature fine pitches, slim body designs and extremely low profiles for incredible design flexibility with high-speed performance up to 56 Gbps PAM4. Self-mating Razor Beam™ interconnects reduce inventory costs, and can be interchanged for a variety of stack heights from 5 to 12 mm with optional EMI shielding. Razor Beam™ contacts feature undercut retention notches with an audible click when mated; this increases mating/unmating forces by 4 to 6 times compared to typical micro pitch connectors.

Micro Blade & Beam systems feature incredibly fine pitches and ultra low stack heights down to 2 mm. For a power/signal application, these interconnects are compatible with mPOWER® ultra micro power system. Jack screw standoffs are available for unmating assistance and protection from component damage.

Ultra Micro Interconnects Brochure

Ultra Micro Interconnects Brochure

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Razor Beam™Razor Beam™ Fine Pitch Self Mating Connectors

High-speed, high-density Razor Beam™ fine pitch self mating connectors reduce inventory costs and are available in a variety of pitches and lead styles for increased flexibility.

  • 0.50 mm, 0.635 mm or 0.80 mm pitch systems
  • Razor Beam™ contacts for high-speed and fine-pitch systems
  • Mating and unmating forces approximately 4-6x greater than typical micro pitch connectors
  • Shielded option for EMI protection
  • Self-mating connectors reduce inventory costs and can be interchanged for varying stack heights
  • 10 stack height options from 5 mm to 12 mm
  • Up to 100 contacts
  • Parallel, perpendicular and coplanar systems
  • Audible click when mated
  • Lubricated option available
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Micro Blade & BeamMicro Blade & Beam Ultra Fine Pitch Connectors

0.40 mm and 0.50 mm pitch Micro Blade & Beam ultra slim, ultra low profile connectors.

  • Ultra fine pitch – 0.40 mm and 0.50 mm
  • Ultra low stack down to 2.00 mm
  • Slim body design for increased board space savings
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