IC Packaging System Optimization


A unique blend of unmatched high-performance interconnect, Signal Integrity and IC Packaging expertise positions Samtec to provide full channel system support, effectively streamlining, and thereby optimizing, the signal path - from the IC to the board and beyond.

Advanced IC packaging expertise and capabilities.

Wire Bonding
Wire Bonding

Ultra-fine pitch, ultra-low profile ball bond and wedge bond

Stacked Die
Stacked Die

Stacked die and multi-chip module design + manufacturing expertise

Flip Chip
Flip Chip

Flip chip accuracy to +/- 3 microns; capillary and jet underfill

Precision die placement
Precision Die Placement

High-speed, high accuracy die placement (to +/- 3 microns)


Advanced IC packaging expertise and capabilities.


In-house IC, optics + interconnect manufacturing for design flexibility

Strategies + Solutions

Cost-saving design strategies and product solutions

Micro Interposers

Highly customizable micro interposers optimize IC-to-Board applications

System Optimization

Interconnect + IC expertise ensures full system optimization


Advanced semiconductor packaging design and analysis expertise enables IC application optimization.

Samtec provides assistance in advanced IC package design, including structural analysis, signal and power integrity optimization, thermal management and material characterization.

Samtec Microelectronics Group and Teraspeed® Consulting offer development partnerships for the entire product life cycle, including complete program support from concept through the design phase, into small prototype builds, through to full production.

  • Packaging engineers work directly with customers to resolve packaging needs, providing design and application assistance
  • Signal integrity and power integrity design
  • Temperature rise and distribution analysis and modeling
  • IR thermography, thermal characterization and performance testing
  • Package characterization, high-speed modeling and simulation
  • Fully custom, advanced IC package and substrate design
  • Expertise in designs operating at 56 Gbps, as well as up to 100 Gbps, provides for complete high-speed designs without complex and expensive redesigns
  • Full electrical modeling of the signal chain from the die, into the substrate, through the package, and into the board
  • Materials expertise and relationships with suppliers specializing in qualified and cutting-edge materials for solutions to unique design challenges

Visit SamtecMicroelectronics.com or email SME@samtec.com for more information.

Strategies + Solutions


Strategies + Solutions

Samtec Microelectronics Group has experience with the necessary processes to ensure a thinner, more space efficient package by incorporating 2.5D and 3D package technologies.

  • Die and wafers handling down to 20 μm
  • Wire bonding to complex overhanging die
  • Low loop wire bonding
  • Mixed technology, flip chip and wirebond, die stacking
  • Flow over wire materials

Contact SME@samtec.com to discuss your application.


Samtec Microelectronics Group has an extensive offering of advanced package design and assembly capabilities as well as the ability to assist in choosing the best technology and materials for your specific application, helping to save valuable design and engineering time.

Strategies + Solutions
Dual Compression or Solder Ball
Custom + Standard Designs
IC-to-Board System Integration
ZA8/ZA8H Series ZA1 Series Custom Capabilities
0.80 mm pitch 1.00 mm pitch > 0.80 mm
1 mm stack height 1 mm stack height 0.30 mm to 4 mm stack heights
100 - 400 pins 100 - 400 pins 3,000+ pins
Screw Down Holes, Alignment Holes Screw Down Holes, Alignment Holes
Performance to 28 Gbps (ZA8 Series) / 56 Gbps (ZA8H Series) Performance to 28 Gbps Latches, Thermal Spreaders, Quick-Release Spring Constraints
Single Layer FR4 Single Layer FR4 Multi-layer FR4 (e.g., Pitch Spreaders)

Complex Package assembly

  • Flip chip and underfill
  • Precision die attach
  • Low profile and fine pitch wirebond
  • Dam, encapsulation and lid attach
  • Stacked and custom die


  • PCB design with signal integrity support
  • Integration of interposers with substrates
  • Multi-chip modules
  • Ceramics and organics


  • SI-enabled layouts for 28 Gbps and 56 Gbps systems
  • Advanced design of OC-48, XAUI and OC-192 packages operating at speeds to 40 Gbps
  • Package characterization, I/O buffer sizing and design kits


  • Ideal for board-to-board, cable-to-board and complex IC-to-board applications
  • Dual compression BeCu contacts
  • One piece design on 0.80 mm or 1.00 mm pitch grid
  • High speed performance up to 28 Gbps and 56 Gbps with a migration path to 100 Gbps
  • Low profile 1 mm body height
  • Low 25 g normal force with .008" (0.20 mm) contact deflection
  • Ultra flexible, with a variety of standard and custom configurations, including dual compression, solder ball and an array of sizes and shapes


Advanced IC Packaging

In-house R&D and manufacturing

Custom Packages + Substrates

Custom designs for organics, ceramics, silicon, etc.

Fine Pitch Wirebond

Ultra-fine pitch, ultra-low profile ball bond and wedge bond

Stacked Die, MCM, Customs

Ultra low loops (<1.5x dia); cantilevered die stacks

Finishing: Dam to Seal

Encapsulation, laser/ink marking, lid attach and hermetic sealing

High-Density Flip Chip

Bumps down to 25 μm diameter on 50 μm pitch with 350 μm die spacing

Micro Wirebond

Pitches down to 25 μm on 20 μm pad with complex multi-tiered wirebonds

Transferd Mold

Capabilities to support a variety of order volumes and cost-levels


Aerospace, Military and Space

Aerospace, Military and Space

  • Robust, high-reliability solutions
  • AS9100 certification in process
  • ITAR compliant
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Durable packages, custom footprints and lids
  • Package design shrink (additional function in a significantly smaller footprint)
Oil and Gas Markets

Oil and Gas Markets

  • Downhole rigging, pipe inspection robots
  • High temperature range products
  • Custom packages
  • Hermetic sealing with lids
  • Package design shrink (small package and/or footprint requirements)
Broadcast Video

Broadcast Video

  • Package design shrink (small package and/or footprint requirements)
  • MEMS and/or CMOS Image Sensor integration
  • Custom lids
  • High end projectors
  • Contained signal integrity for higher performance (smaller trace lengths, less expensive PCB materials, lower layer count boards)
Medical Devices and Instrumentation

Medical Devices and Instrumentation

  • Small handheld devices and implantable products requiring custom packaging (e.g. endoscopes, ocular implants, etc.)
  • Throw-away applications
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Package design shrink (small package and/or footprint requirements)
  • MEMS integration
  • Custom lids and mounts (optics, fluidics, etc.)
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