Ultra Rugged

Ultra Rugged Solutions
High-Reliability • High Cycle • Rugged Materials

Samtec’s ultra rugged solutions provide reliability and flexibility in small form factors for extreme/harsh environments. From rugged I/O cable assemblies, sealed and compact optics and VITA 90 VNX+ modules to ultra rugged hardware and high-temp coatings, these solutions are ideal for military, aerospace, submersible and other harsh environment applications.

For design flexibility and cost optimization, Samtec’s Severe Environment Testing (SET) qualified products are Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) and modified COTS to get solutions to market faster.

Ultra Rugged Brochure

Ultra Rugged Brochure

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URSA™ I/OURSA™ I/O Ultra Rugged Power Cable System

URSA™ I/O features a hyperboloid-type contact for extreme reliability and high mating cycles in ultra rugged applications with EMI protection.

  • Four points of contact for an extremely reliable connection
  • Hyperboloid-type contact for extreme high mating cycles
  • Micro 1.00 mm pitch in double row space saving design
  • Extreme density with up to 1,450 total I/Os in a 1RU panel (29 cables at 50 total I/Os each)
  • Cable-to-cable and cable-to-board solutions
  • EMI shielding to limit signal degradation and optimize performance

Novaray® I/O 38999 Rugged I/O Systems

Novaray I/O 38999 Rugged I/O Systems

Firefly™ Optical Extreme Environment Systems

  • Sealed and Mil-Coated for exposed military, aerospace and submersible applications
  • Extended temp range of –40 ºC to +85 ºC
  • Ruggedized for tin whisker mitigation and fungal resistance; operates in harsh environments including salt fog, blowing sand and dust, jet fuel exposure, altitudes up to 70,000 feet
  • x4 and x12 configurations
  • Multiple end options including MT38999, MTP®, MXC® and VITA 66.X
  • FireFly™ Micro Flyover System™
Firefly™ Optical Extreme Environment Systems

Ultra Rugged/Compact Optics

  • Industry’s most compact fiber optics for military, avionic and space applications
  • Flip chip assembly for a low profile package
  • Quad 40G and 100G VCSEL-based transceiver
  • Pick and place solderable with BGA attach provides mechanical and performance reliability
  • Removable pigtail connector enabled by a kinematic system ensures optical alignment in harsh environments
Ultra Rugged/Compact Optics

VITA 90 VNX+ Solutions

  • RF backplane system to support 110 GHz with high-density size 20 cable; size 16 on roadmap
  • Configured with SEARAY™ right-angle array and FireFly™ optics
  • COTS or modified COTS solution for cost and time flexibility
  • SWaP-C reductions make this ideal for military and aerospace applications
  • VITA 90.0 VNX+ Standard Products and Support
VITA 90 VNX+ Solutions

Ultra Rugged Coatings

SureCoat™ Ultra Rugged Coatings

SureCoat™ Logo
SureCoat™ Ultra Rugged Coatings

Coatings in Development

SureCoat™ Ultra Rugged Coatings

Ultra Rugged Hardware

  • Guide Post Standoffs (GPSO) allow for 0.035” of initial misalignment
  • Assists with “blind mate” for ultra micro, fine pitch mezzanine connectors
  • Jack Screw Precision standoffs (JSO) reduce the risk of component damage
  • Assists with unmating of high-normal force connectors
  • Precision Standoffs (SO) feature 5 to 25 mm stack heights
  • Precision machined tolerances (+/- .002” (0.05 mm))
Ultra Rugged Hardware

Severe Environment Testing

Severe Environment Testing (SET) supports Ultra Rugged Solutions with additional testing beyond typical industry standards for performance confidence in rugged and harsh environments. For more about SET and other Samtec testing like Extended Life ProductTM and Design Qualification Testing, please visit samtec.com/SET

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